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DSI 26.11.10

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Сервер FarCry 1.4

Адрес: farcry.su
Игроков: 0
Карта: mp_cyanide
Тип игры: Assault
Время игры: 30 мин.
Режим сервера: LAN
Провайдер: SUMTEL
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TeamSpeak farcry.su
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FarCry 3
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Статьи » Сервер » Unleash your FarCry server with X.A.S.S.M. (beta)
Unleash your FarCry server with X.A.S.S.M. (beta)


Bug fixed from 2.5.4:

-Server message bug in gameruleslib.lua
-Bullet damage bug fix, ty Jeppa!

Please report any more bugs!

New in this release:

- Complete overhaul of server messages
- New command to let server host pick nickname for server announcements
- Custom team colors for TDM and ASSAULT, each gamestyle has its own custom colors
- 1.33 style weapon damage in new gamestyle called "OldSchool"
- Server logs extended fixed, can now output chat/kill/stat logs (ty XTv4 team)
- New gamestyle "Custom" (yes of course you would want to tweak your own gamestyle, just be careful and use the other .cfg's as examples)

Big thanx to all my testers and feedback givers, as usual this release was built from player suggestions.

More about XASSM...

This add-on for your FarCry v1.4 allows the user to customize, extend and enhance the gameplay on their game server. It works by adding to the server commands that were released with patch 1.4 (much thanks to godlike, kerpo, excalitrone and other community modders). The focus is to create as few as possible new commands while having the most impact on gameplay. Secondly I organized all the new commands into 5 new multiplayer "Gamestyles"
in the form of server.cfg's; this makes it much easier for the average player to get started with a highly customized server with all new gameplay!!!

As a "server side mod" their are many limitations to what can be achieved, I have tested many many new commands but have had to remove some due to server instability and or client sync issues. I am happy to say that this latest version is bug free, and will not affect the singleplayer missions. XASSM works perfectly on Dedicated servers, if you need help setting up a server please point your browser to http://eXtremeArena.net Wink

XASSM is a add-on to your Far Cry 1.4 server, and is installed in the main Far Cry directory (usually Program Files/Ubisoft/Far Cry); please refer to the included file "XASSM_install.txt" for install/setup instructions.

Below are short descriptions of the 5 gamestyles included in this release.

Gamestyle 1: Hardcore

This is a more "tactical" version of default Far Cry gameplay with added headshot Damage and more deadly weapons. Rockets and Grenade launchers are completely disabled in Assault, FFA and TDM. Movement, gravity and fall damage are only adjusted slightly. The goal of this "Gamestyle" is to satisfy the players who seek a more "tactical realism" type gameplay. Vehicle damage, boat characteristics are slightly altered as well.

Gamestyle 2: Aggressive

This gamestyle adds some intensity to default Far Cry gameplay with added headshot Damage and more deadly weapons and spawn armor. Boats are enhanced slightly, vehicle damage is tweaked and much more. This "Gamestyle" is intended to satisfy those who want their server do be a tad faster and more intense than default Far Cry.

Gamestyle 3: Extreme

Extreme gamestyle brings white-knuckle, teeth-grinding gameplay to your server with deadly, fast and yes EXTREME gameplay. Boats are faster, more agile and have slightly less gravity. headshot damage is increased as well as tweaks to player movement, spawn armor, and fall damage. This gamestyle is intended to satisfy those players/server hosts who want some high flying, fierce gameplay.

Gamestyle 4: STUNT

This is like EXTREME but with higher flying boats, less fall damage and even faster and more deadly gameplay. This gamestyle has been tested extensively by Grim-Clan and has been in use for 3+ years on our server. So much fun you might need a mouth guard to keep from chipping your teeth, not for the faint-of-heart you will die fast and often but with a little skill the player can do things previously impossible in Far Cry.

Gamestyle 5: CUSTOM

Of course most people will want to play with their own server.cfg (duh) so I include a server.cfg with all the commands set at their default state. The user can customize their own servers gameplay by editing this file, I also include notes and detailed documentation on how to use this feature. I suggest that users play with and inspect the other gamestyle server.cfg's to get a good idea of what these commands do in-game.
Changing values randomly/stupidly in this file can lead to a server with terrible gameplay and possibly even lag and/or chrashes. If you need help browse to http://eXtremeArena.net.

Gamestyle 6: OldSchool

This loads the weapon damage from the previous patch v1.33. Many european players stay loyal to this patch because of the changes to their favorite weapons, but 1.33 has many lacking features. So I want to to try and entice them to try playing 133 gamestyle on 1.4 patch servers. Maybe we can finally unite all the players of FarCry!?!? Please install patch 1.4 and give this gamestyle a try, I am open to feedback on this Wink

Gamestyle 7: UNREAL_LAN

ONLY RECCOMENDED FOR LAN SERVERS CAUSES CHOPPINESS AND LAG IN UBI SERVERS! This gameplay reduces the player gravity to a fraction of normal allowing high flying jumps off rocks and ledges. Unbelievably high flying boats and feats of superhuman abilities imagine being a heavily armed vampire on PCP...

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Hello dikiy48 Улыбчивый To play on the gameserver you see for example on TrackBase. You need Patch 1.40 and LRv3. More infos at farcrylraddon.de

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разобрался )))

[off] 06-11-2019 20:49
Адрюха , как зайти в игру ?

[off] 27-10-2019 22:33
Hello dikiy48 Улыбчивый That sounds great. Take a look on farcry-wars.com, there are still some unfilled teams Улыбчивый You can join whatever Team or create a Team with your Friends. Its a 3vs3 Tournament Улыбчивый

[off] 27-10-2019 21:58
and hey, I don't mind playing Усмехающийся

[off] 25-10-2019 02:11
Hello guys Улыбчивый Some best regards and news on your Forums Улыбчивый Get active again and lets play some FarCry? Maybe join the upcoming multiplayer Tournament? Улыбчивый

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спасибо Улыбчивый

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Саня, dikiy48 с Днюхой! drinks

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